Carl Wockner


Get ready to Wock! Currently kicking up an international storm in the USA, home-grown sensation Carl Wockner is getting ready to blow up the #AgnesBluesFest Marquee Stage with his signature livewire, off-the-cuff style in 2024.

The music, talent and personality of Carl Wockner radiates from this multi-talented entertainer like a kaleidoscope of watercolours found on the most beautiful of life’s palettes.

“I get bored easily”, remarks Wockner, who has dipped his creative brush into everything from pop music to country music to R&B on his current EP ‘Yellowly Live Once’. “I mean, we live in a mix. We want a mix of everything, and that’s what I love giving the world. People also want to hear what life is like, and life is sometimes a challenge.”

Influenced by the eclectic sounds and tastes of his family combining with his own evolving musical tastes, Wockner  earned to play the violin at seven years of age, piano at 10 and began rocking out in his own high school band at 15. His musical tastes have always had a way of weaving back and forth, from the soul of George Benson and Aretha Franklin to the twang of Brad Paisley and Chris Stapleton to the coolness of Amy Winehouse and Lauren Hill.

While working as a builder, bartender, salesperson and teacher and paying off university loans, Wockner refused to let his creativity in a box. Feeling that his style didn’t ‘fit into a lane’ and that he had nowhere to go with his music in Australia, he started travelling to the States in 2011 and became the first and only Australian artist to ever win top honours at the International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA).

The next year he moved to Nashville with his wife, two young children and 10 suitcases. Shortly after, he snagged a performance slot on CNN and was soon displaying his live looping skills and off the cuff performances to a whole new audience craving something different from the status quo, as well as showcasing his talent on his ever-popular YouTube channel. Carl had finally ‘found his people’ for his creativity and he hasn’t looked back since.

Named ‘Musician of the Year’ at the Livewire Prestige Awards in 2021, Wockner recently signed deals with both Dream Big Dreams Management and Universal Attractions Agency (UAA) in the USA.

“I want to send a message to people that you can follow through with your ambitions, even if you’re over 30 with a wife and kids. I want to give people strength for their aspirations so that it flows back to me when I need a little strength myself”.

Get ready to Wock with Carl Wockner on the #AgnesBluesFest 2024 Marquee Stage 5.00-6.00pm Saturday 17 Feb 2024!

16-18 Feb 2024

Rocking out since 2008, the Agnes Blues, Roots & Rock Festival is a 3 Day Annual Event held in the Great Barrier Reef’s Sensational Deep South. 

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The 2024 Festival will be required to operate in line with current QLD Govt Health Directives for all attendees, staff, volunteers, stallholders, vendors and performers.

The Agnes Blues, Roots & Rock Festival is supported by the Queensland Government through Tourism and Events Queensland and features on the It’s Live! in Queensland events calendar.

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