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8Ball Aetkin

Lil' Fi & the Dirty Rascals

Currently based in Northern NSW, this Queensland girl (born and bred) has been a driving force both on stage and behind the scenes. Lil' Fi is one of the original roots music performers on the festival circuit today. She is a dynamic entertainer with a unique song writing style. Calling on her musical heritage of the classic... Read more

Sal Kimber & The Rolling Wheel

Sal Kimber is one of Australia’s most exciting emerging singer-songwriters. Based in inner Melbourne, Kimber has been quietly stealing hearts on the city’s live music scene for the past five years. But it was in 2008 that she really found her niche by forming alt-country band Sal Kimber & The Rollin’ Wheel (with older sister Beth Kimber, Jacob Cole... Read more

Shaun Kirk

Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, blues & soul troubadour Shaun Kirk’s rapid growth as an artist is the result of a determined spirit and pure hard work. A relatively ‘late bloomer’, Shaun began playing as a quiet acoustic singer/songwriter to small audiences... Read more

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Benny Walker

Offering an effortless blend of soul, blues, reggae and acoustic folk, indigenous performer Benny Walker is without doubt one of Australia’s most promising new talents. His intimate, eloquent song-writing is complemented by a rich and soulful voice which tells of the trouble, strife and wonder of... Read more

Richard Clapton

In a career spanning thirty two years and eighteen fantastic albums, Richard Clapton has earned himself a very special place in the history of Australian contemporary music. A singer/songwriter who combines masterful poetic insight with a passionate... Read more

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